Thursday, October 28, 2010

Greg's Oct 2010 Newsletter: La Llama, Vol 2

GREETINGS from La Serena, Chile and welcome to the 2nd installment of my monthly newsletter La Llama (read my 1st newsletter if you’re wondering about the name). I’ve only been here for a week and a half but already experienced the national pride and ecstasy of the rescue of the 33 miners who were trapped underground, as well as the reality of 3 different Chilean earthquakes. I tell you, there’s nothing like a few good earthquakes to make a Californian feel right at home!

FIRST: My travels to Chile went incredibly smooth, even with all the extra bags I brought. Thanks so much to all of you who donated airline miles and extra luggage bags for me!! That was such a blessing and the concerns I had regarding my travels turned out just fine.

SECOND: The most pressing thing we had to attend to once I got here was finding a new house. The house is crucial not only because I will be living in it with Pepe, Gislaine, and their son Gabriel for at least the next year or so, but because we will also be launching Fuego Urbano in our home as a house-church. For that reason, a central location in the city, with easy access all around, and lots of space in the backyard were all crucial. The problem was, the more central the location, the more expensive the houses are. After lots of searching and closed doors we found one that is pretty close to perfect for what we want to do. It is right in the central area of the city, easily found and accessible from every direction, and has a pretty big backyard area to have our Fuego Urbano meetings.  Here is a picture of us and our various flags & nationalities in front of it; and as of Nov 1st it will be ours. THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU ALL for your prayers & support to make it happen!!!!

Another great thing about this house is that it’s only about 3 bocks away from a series of concrete soccer/basketball courts and a make-shift skate-park the local youth have made and hang out at all the time. It’ll be perfect for us to use right in the neighborhood we’ll be living in. Below is a picture of some kids skating there last Saturday; while we were there we were reminded that these skaters are a perfect example of the un-churched young people we’ll be committed to reaching.

The downside to the house is that it is UNFURNISHED, unlike many of the rental houses here, so we will have to start from scratch to get furniture as fast and cheap as we can. We need EVERYTHING: beds, mattresses, stove, refrigerator, washer, tables, chairs, couches, dishes, etc. So please pray for us because we were not expecting these expenses, and if you would like to give a special donation specifically for that, we would of course be extremely grateful to you.
THIRD: Summer Ministry Opportunities This Jan-Feb in Chile (Chilean summer is Jan-Feb)!! We’ll be having an intensive summer ministry sports-outreach schedule for Jan-Feb that will include all sorts of different sports and activities while sharing the gospel with all who come; so if that sounds like something you would like to come help with for part or all of those 2 months, then please email me back and let me know. It could be a week or 2, or a month, or the whole time. Whatever your schedule: if you have a heart or passion for young people to come to know Jesus, and even a basic love, knowledge, or background in sports of any kind, we’d love to have you down to serve with us!

FOURTH: For those who continue to ask where we currently stand financially, as of now I calculate we are up to around $16,000 (received or committed) of our roughly $20,000 of initial start-up expenses. Thanks so much to all who have given financially; we are so appreciative for all your help, support, and sacrifice. However as you can see, we still have a little ways to go for our start-up costs so if you would like to continue to pray and help, we would be so very grateful. And I am so grateful to all of you who have also committed to supporting us on a monthly basis. Thanks so very much, I am truly humbled by your generosity.

The 2 ways to give financially to Fuego Urbano remain the same: Checks written & sent to ‘Fishers of Men Fellowship’ or Online at my blog:

LASTLY: On a personal note, I can’t wait to get this 1st phase of preparations behind us and get to the real ministry with the young people of La Serena, and now that we have the house we’re only a few days away! Thanks so much for partnering with us and please pray that God would give us grace and favor with all we come across, that He would ignite a fire among the younger generations of Chile which cannot be contained! Blessings to you,

Greg Haugh
Fuego Urbano 

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  1. Hi Greg! I'm so happy for you! So much has happened in so short a time. God is moving and it's all good. Thanks for the update and especially the pictures. Looking forward to your ministry updates too.....