Monday, January 20, 2014

Greg Haugh's January 2014 Newsletter

Happy 2014 from Chile! The past month has been really good but also really busy for us, as we have received two mission teams back-to-back: the 1st was 5 Brazilians who were here for 2.5 weeks; and the 2nd is a team of 15 skaters from YWAM’s “Calling All Skaters,” that has been with us for a week and will be with us for one more. Please read below to find out about everything God has been doing here through them and us this past month, and about some very important news about my future.

FIRST: Our car will cost $2,400 to fix and we're still short on $
As I mentioned last month, we have now been without one of our cars for 3.5 months and it will cost us about $2,400 to fix. Due to so many of you giving at the end of the year to help us with that extra expense, we almost have the funds to pay for it, but we are still short about $800 so if you would like to help us pay for that, directions for giving to Fuego Urbano can be found in the last paragraph below. Please pray we get the car soon as it is supposed to be done tomorrow.

SECOND: We had 5 Brazilians come serve Fuego Urbano from Dec 22-Jan 10

For the 3rd summer in a row a team from Sao Paulo, Brazil came to help and serve Fuego Urbano. This year the team helped by investing heavily in relationships with the people, by leading worship at Fuego Urbano, and by sharing at our first ‘Coffee Break’ which we hosted to share about the mission of the church being more then just “preaching,” and more like transforming our entire culture and world. They shared about the various ministries they are involved in: reaching and serving the gay, lesbian, & transvestite communities of Sau Paulo; reaching and serving the skaters in Brazil; doing medical-missions in Haiti with people who are still recovering from the earthquake a few years ago. The general focus was on putting the “Good News” of Jesus into action in our culture and world, instead of just talking about it. All in all, it was a really good time of challenging traditional ways of thinking about these things here in Chile. Below is a collage with lots of images from their time with us: 

THIRD: 15 Skaters from YWAM’s “Calling All Skaters” are with us for 2 weeks
This team of 15 skaters has been with us for a week and will be here for one more in order to help us reach and serve the skaters of La Serena. We have been skating in the various skateparks to connect with the people there, and have some cool events lined up for this week as well, so please pray God will use them to open doors for Him to move in the lives of the skaters and young people here. While skating in the skatepark of Las Companias, Justice (the blonde skater in the middle of the picture below) impressed some of the main members of the local gang so much by his skating, that they invited him to tag the skatepark (since they were going to do just that). Justice tagged “Jesus Te Ama,” which means “Jesus loves you,” on the mini-ramp in the picture below, and I just had to take a picture.  You’re right Justice: Jesus does love them.  May we never forget that. 

I will explain more in next month’s newsletter but I wanted to let you all know that I will be moving back to California for good in March. Until then I ask that you continue to pray for us and our ministry, as well as the transitions we will all be making in the next couple months.

FINALLY: As always there are 3 ways you may give financially to Fuego Urbano. For Automatic Monthly Online Donations you may sign up for amounts of $25, $50, $100, or $200 per month. Just go to the right side of my Blog ( where it says ‘Recurring Donation’ and adjust drop-down menu to the amount you’d like to give each month; then click ‘Subscribe’ and it will take you through the process. One-Time Online Donations are available as well: click the ‘Donate’ button on my Blog just below where it says ‘1-Time Donation’ and it will take you through the process. Or if you prefer Personal Checks you can make them out to ‘Fishers of Men Fellowship’ and mail them to: Fishers of Men Fellowship, PO Box 9284, Newport Beach, CA 92658.  And all donations are fully tax-deductible.

Thanks so much…we all wish you the best in 2014,
Greg Haugh & Jose, Gislaine, Gabriel, and Gean-Felipe Eyzaguirre