Sunday, September 23, 2012

Greg's Newsletter: September 2012

Greetings once again from Chile!! Time flew while I was in CA this summer but it was awesome to get to see and reconnect with so many of you. Since getting back on Sep 8th, God has been reminding me just how much bigger He is then I give Him credit for. Please read on to learn more!

FIRST: As I mentioned, it was so great to be home and see as many of you as I could, and I hope you were able to get a good idea of all God is doing in Chile through Fuego Urbano. We are entering into some pretty exciting times and would really appreciate your continued prayers, especially over the next 6 months because they will be really significant for the future of our ministry. Also: THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN FINANCIALLY to help support the vision God has given us for La Serena and the young people of Northern Chile! I know that in the midst of what are still the worst economic times since the Great Depression, it is not easy for many of you to give what you do, and I want you to know that we do not take that lightly. From the bottom of our heats: THANK YOU for giving so sacrificially!

SECOND: While I was gone, Sinergia held our biggest training event yet with about 130 attendees and 40 volunteers. Sinergia is a group that Pepe and I started along with 2 other people to join forces with other ministries and missions organizations, in order to teach and train the local churches how to develop ministries in their own communities that do the kinds of things we specialize in. Sinergia is made up of: sports-evangelism ministries, music ministries, chaplains of jails, hospitals, & sports teams, community-service ministries, dance ministries, break-dancers, bible-publication organizations, and many others. We believe the reason these organizations and ministries exist is to fill the needs that local churches are not filling or meeting; but we also believe that the answer to this problem is not for one or two ministries or organizations to try and do it all, but rather for the entire Church to learn how to put these ideas and strategies into practice in their own communities. That way thousands of local churches will all begin to change and address these issues, but as a result of the sheer numbers, the effect will have a huge impact on reaching and transforming our society. Our next event, which is on “Missional Church,” will be in late November; and we expect a lot more people due to the excitement and expectations everyone had after the August event. Here are 2 pictures from our August event: the 1st is of the whole scene; the 2nd is the Sinergia worship band: 

THIRD: The Surfers’ Bible Study is off and running again. We have already met to re-connect and talk about where we are going, but it has been awesome to see how eager they were to start meeting again. I have been surfing and re-connecting with a lot of them, and I continue to be humbled and excited about how hungry they are to know God. Please continue to pray for them and us as we all meet, and seek to change and transform the whole surfing community here in La Serena!

FINALLY: As always there are 3 ways you may give financially to Fuego Urbano. For Automatic Monthly Online Donations you may sign up for amounts of $25, $50, $100, or $200 per month. Just go to the right side of my Blog ( where it says ‘Recurring Donation’ and adjust drop-down menu to the amount you’d like to give each month; then click ‘Subscribe’ and it will take you through the process. One-Time Online Donations are available as well: click the ‘Donate’ button on my Blog just below where it says ‘1-Time Donation’ and it will take you through the process. Or if you prefer Personal Checks you can make them out to ‘Fishers of Men Fellowship’ and mail them to: Fishers of Men Fellowship, PO Box 9284, Newport Beach, CA 92658.  And all donations are fully tax-deductible.

Thanks so much for your constant prayers and support!!
Greg Haugh & Jose, Gislaine, Gabriel, and Gean-Felipe Eyzaguirre