Thursday, August 25, 2011


Blessings from California!! I’ve been home in Costa Mesa for the past 3 weeks now and head back to Chile on Sep 7th but please read below about everything going on this August.

FIRST: It’s been great to be home and visit with so many friends, family and supporters. I’ve been looking forward to seeing everyone and being able to share all the stories and faces of the people God is reaching in Chile through Fuego Urbano and all our ministries, and I want to thank you all so very much for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support since the beginning of this journey. I’ve tried to meet with as many of you as possible but if you’d like to connect and hear personally about how things are going, please email me at and I’d love to do that before I head back to Chile on Sep 7th. It’s also been great to see my family and my nephews and nieces growing up, and here’s a couple funny pictures with them all from the past couple weeks:
My parents, sister Caralyn, & nephews Ike & Grant with letters Gabriel made and sent to them
My bro Nate hoola-hooping with his daughters (my nieces) Liv & Ava
SECOND: Our single greatest need at this time is to increase our monthly support. For the past 10 months Pepe, Gislaine, their son Gabriel, myself, and Guillerme (from Brazil) have all been living in the same small 3-bdr house, along with all the sound/music equipment for Fuego Urbano, and all the athletic balls & equipment for our sports programs. In short: we’re crammed and need more space! And the pressing issue is that Pepe & Gislaine are having another baby in November which will make things extremely difficult for us all if we’re all still packed in the same small house. In order to solve this problem we’re hoping that Guillerme and I will be able to rent a nearby apartment so that Pepe, Gislaine, Gabriel, and their soon-to-be-born baby can have the space and privacy they need as a family, and so that Guillerme and I can also have more personal space and autonomy as individuals. Our current budget is about $2150 per month but in order to afford the apartment for me and Guillerme, we need about $2850 per month; so we need to find another $600-$800 per month from here on out. Therefore, we’re asking if you would pray for us regarding this and also about whether you might be able and willing to support us with a monthly financial gift. We are incredibly grateful for any and all support that comes in, and realize that many can only do a one-time gift here and there and that is perfectly fine. But many people have asked me what our greatest need is and this is it. Monthly commitments allow us to know whether or not we’ll have enough to cover monthly expenses and as we’re trying to build a budget and know whether or not we’ve reached it, monthly gifts give us a much clearer picture of where we stand financially and help us lay a more firm financial foundation each month. Also, when November comes and the new baby is born, I don’t know how we’ll make it if we’re not able to afford the new apartment. So would you please pray for us regarding this and also pray about whether or not you’re able and willing to help us cover these costs as we move forward? And if you would like to give financially, please read the final paragraph of my newsletter for instructions on the various ways you may do so.

THIRD: I’m pretty sure I fractured my wrist skateboarding in Chile before heading to the USA so please pray for a speedy recovery! I no longer have insurance in the USA so I haven’t gone to the doctor but I think it’s fractured or broken, and just want it to get better so I can get back to all our ministries when I return to Chile on Sep 7th.

LASTLY: As always there are 3 ways you may give financially to Fuego Urbano. For Automatic Monthly Donations you may sign up for amounts of $25, $50, $100, or $200 per month. Just go to the right side of my Blog here where it says ‘Recurring Donation’ and adjust drop-down menu to the amount you’d like to give each month; then click ‘Subscribe’ and it will take you through the process. One-Time Online Donations are available as well: click the ‘Donate’ button on my Blog just below where it says ‘1-Time Donation’ and it will take you through the process. Or if you prefer Personal Checks you can make them out to ‘Fishers of Men Fellowship’ and mail them to: Fishers of Men Fellowship, PO Box 9284, Newport Beach, CA 92658.  

Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support, and I hope to see you soon!
Greg Haugh &
Jose, Gislaine, Gabriel, and Soon-To-Be-Born Baby Eyzaguirre