Friday, February 18, 2011

Greg’s Mid-February 2011 Update: 3 Special Needs

Greetings from Chile! 
We are doing well here as our first summer of ministry is coming to a close, however there are 3 special needs I would like to share with you. Many of you frequently tell me to let you know of our needs so you can help, and so in that spirit I’d like to share with you the following 3 needs and ask you all to pray about how you might be able to help us, or at least pray that God would open the doors for us regarding these:

Need #1: Trailer 
With your generous giving we have bought a sound system for Fuego Urbano complete with speakers, microphones, etc. The problem is that due to our car always being full the speakers don’t fit inside, so we need to purchase a trailer to haul the sounds system and worship instruments to and from our Fuego Urbano meetings. Until we have the trailer, we can’t use the speakers or amplify any of our worship, which we really need to do now that more people are coming to Fuego Urbano. The trailer costs around $700-$1000.

Need #2: Mini Half-Pipe
As many of you know skateboarding is incredibly popular here and our main outreach has been to the young skaters of La Serena. This summer a guy built a small mini half-pipe (see the picture below) right across from the beach and started charging people to skate it. Tons of kids skate it each day but he has to get rid of it next week because summer here is ending. I’ve gotten to know him from skating there and he loves the vision of Fuego Urbano, and told me he’d like to sell it to us to use for ministry rather than sell it to someone else. He told us to give him a price, but after talking with him I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to buy it for less than $200 US dollars, with $300 being the high end. After talking about it we realized we could use the ramp for ministry in so many different ways to reach kids, invite them to the house, take it around to schools for demos and classes, etc. that we decided we’re going to buy it in faith that God will provide the money for it through you all, our wonderful supporters. The ramp would open up so many incredible doors for us outside the skatepark itself, as we are already designing a program that would entail us taking the ramp to all the local schools and teaching the kids to skate right there in their own schools as part of their own P.E. classes. Talk about amazing outreach opportunities!! Therefore, I ask that you please pray and see if you might be part of God’s provision for this amazing ministry tool. Here’s a picture of the ramp from this summer:

Need #3: Beds
We all bought mattresses to sleep on a few months ago when we moved into this new house but Pepe & Gislaine, along with their son Gabriel, have not been able to get bed frames due to a few different circumstances. A few times we thought we had them ready to go but things have fallen through each time. As a result, they continue to sleep on mattresses laid down on the floor. We hope to buy them bed frames as soon as we can so they don’t have to lay down mattresses on the floor any longer and can sleep better at night. The beds will cost about $300.

The grand total for these 3 Needs is roughly $1200-$1600 US dollars, and I hope you will pray about how you might be able to help towards them. I know so many of you give and continue to give and I’m so grateful, but I also ask that you pray to see if you might be able to give above and beyond normal giving for these items, which would allow us to do the ministry we really want to be able to do here in La Serena. If not, thanks so much for your constant support and encouragement, and I ask that you pray God would open the doors for us regarding these items.

As always there are 2 ways you can give financially to Fuego Urbano: 1) Online payments here on my Blog; or  2) Checks made out to ‘Fishers of Men Fellowship’ and sent to:
Fishers of Men Fellowship
PO Box 9284
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Thanks so much and I pray God’s blessings for you this February!
Greg Haugh
Jose, Gislaine, Gabriel Eyzaguirre

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